From A to Z: a fully
integrated process.


acquires plots of land in selected locations and, as the principal, develops new building projects in Switzerland and abroad in association with the Group’s own architecture firm Arch Zürich or with other architecture firms. We carry out our new building projects with the general contractor Swiss Immo Boutique AG.


holds a real estate portfolio in Switzerland and abroad, mainly in German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino. The portfolio includes apartment buildings as well as office space and commercial premises.

Swiss Immo Boutique AG

offers property services in the areas of real estate marketing, real estate management, real estate consulting and the realisation of new and conversion projects as a general contractor.

Arch & Design

is the architecture firm, part of AMINI Group. Thanks to several years of experience in the field and a unique design sensibility, the team focuses on each detail of every project – aiming to the highest standards.