08 April 2022

Elements of a Sanctuary

Antoniolupi’s bespoke bathroomware elevates everyday rituals within AMINI properties


The pursuit of seeking beauty in the ordinary can distinguish the trajectory of daily life. Approached with a sensibility towards ambience, the simplest of acts – hand washing, the application of a skincare routine, an aromatherapy-infused bath – become moments of nourishment; vital sources of sensorial wellness. Setting the stage for the unfolding of these daily routines of rejuvenation is what Antoniolupi has become renowned for worldwide.

It is equally the bespoke Italian bathroom product manufacturer’s commitment to perfection that led Antoniolupi to become AMINI’s partner of choice for realising the custom bathrooms in each of their properties. Alongside their respective family legacies, an uncompromising dedication to quality, a love for detail, and a mutual sense of passion-driven purpose unite the two companies, evidencing that when distinct specialisms converge on the basis of shared values, the possibilities for creative synergy are endless.Founded in 1950 and still family-run to this day, Antoniolupi has its roots in the heart of the idyllic Tuscan countryside, not far from Florence. Over decades and generations, the heritage company has cultivated an evolving portfolio of innovative high-end bathroom components that have become synonymous with the finest characteristics that Italian spatial, interior and furniture design has to offer.

Encompassing generous freestanding baths, iconic geometric washbasins, sleek fixtures, polished ceramics and an extensive selection of custom accessories such as rugs and mirrors, the Antoniolupi range is designed to imbue seamless function – achieved by the integration of the latest technologies – with exceptional character, enabling discerning aesthetes to select the components that best accommodate the particularities of their individual rituals.

Custom requests are celebrated: no wish is too particular, no creative inclination unattainable. Components attest to purity of form forged through materials of exquisite quality. Polished wood, luminous glass and prized Tuscan marble in cultivated palettes are crafted to perfection in the hands of the experienced technicians and artisans that comprise the company’s trusted local network of small-scale suppliers.Viewing the space as a residence’s innermost sanctuary – a site of wellbeing, calm and care, AMINI Group and Antoniolupi collaborate to create a refined interplay of bathroom furniture and accessories that together achieve a harmoniously balanced atmosphere, enabling the elevation of the quotidian to the sublime. After all, some of life’s greatest luxuries are the ones we keep for ourselves.